How to make money with KerChing...


1. Pay customers to shop at THEIR REGISTERED MERCHANTS.

2. KerChing is also a multi-level marketing company, which makes it perfect for the...

           individual to introduce family and  friends - creating a passive income for you


    Can be used by churches, schools, charities, etc. ... as Fundraising Projects.


All for R300 once-off

(R200 for Card, App + R100 Delivery)

The amount will go to R500 at the official launch


It is a perfect time to start.

Everyone needs to eat, wear clothing

     and sometimes phone a friend.


Won't it be nice if you are paid when you 


           your friends shop for food, 

              clothing and buy airtime?  

       With KerChing you will be able to. 

                      More info below...